My Adoption

This is the story of the how, in my 30’s, I discovered that I had been adopted when an infant and how I kept the secrete, It relates my subsequent feeble attempts to find my origins and the eventual success in doing so. It also relates the finding of siblings and the joy that it brought. I was 75 years old when I learned of my origins.

I invite you to visit My Adoption page in The World of Grandpa Don.

What are my Views on Abortion and Adoption?
You are invited to view my thoughts on the subject:


A Human Life …

I am a former fetus,
a fetus which was unplanned …
and not convenient to the lives of its parents.

A mothered who cared, gave me to a mother and father who needed me. Their lives were changed forever.

The lives of my children and grandchildren were made possible.

The good that I have done was not discarded.

The lives and contributions of my three children were saved.

The lives of my nine grandchildren hold the promise of the future.

How can anyone chose to throw this away?

Donald J Plefka
(Born; Harry Ronald Cecora, May 6, 1931)

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