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Views on the Political situation in The USA.

The Mass Murder Problem in the USA

We in the US have been plagued by a series of mass murders, many of them in schools. It is a problem not generally shared by other nations. To many, whenever there is another assault, the cry is to do “something” … Continue reading

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Gun Cotrol, the Constitution and Common Sense

I do not believe in gun control. Why? Because it can only be done by the owner. So why don’t we try to control the owners?  What!, You say that can’t be done because it is unconstitutional.  Okay, something must be … Continue reading

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Thought this important enough to send to all my Christian friends–One minute of our time/day that’s all. The following was sent to me by Judi Haines, a fellow parishioner at St Julie parish. I heartily endorse it. **************************************************************************** This is the scariest election … Continue reading

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Eliminate Presidential Elections

As I write this we are beset with a situation in which the president and the congress are in a virtual deadlock. They are of opposite parties and neither will compromise on most  issues. As a result very little is being accomplished and we have a … Continue reading

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