Grandpa Don lives in the area of Chicago, Illinois, USA

He went through his childhood and part of his adulthood thinking he was the only child of Joseph Charles Plefka and Sylvia Mildred Simousek, both of Bohemian decent. In his 30’s he discovered he had been adopted. It wasn’t untill, at the age of 75 and a retired widower, that he discovered the identity of his parents and met his surviving siblings. 

Born Harry Ronald Cecora, the illegitimate son of Florence Lucile (Lossner) Cecora and Alden John Copeland he lived his life as Donald J Plefka.

This blog has the following categories. You may select the one which interests you:

  • Ancestry
    Posts relating to the ancestors of Don Plefka
  • Faith & Religion
    Posts relating to Don’s thoughts and beliefs. – His, not necessarily yours.

More can be found at the World of Grandpa Don Web site. www.plefka.net
The web site is an attempt to be a family resource. It tells of the family history and is a witness to the workings of God in Don’s life. It conveys his thoughts, beliefs and opinions, not in an effort to persuade others to agree with him, but so they may know why he lives the way he does.

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  1. tom Creighton Sr says:

    don: have heard anything more about bob, I can’t find his blog and haven’t heard from him for 6 months. Since I told him to get off his a$$ and correspond with people as we care about him that he hasn’t done anything but I guess feel sorry for himself. Let Me know if you will Thanks Tom Creighton Sr no progress on my grandfather search.

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