Free Advice

I want to take the opportunity to pass on some of the things that have helped me and may help others. They are not new but I am in my 84th year and have been around the block a couple of times. I my travels I have picked up a few things that may be of value.

  • Be open to opportunities. They often come at surprising times but do so with caution to insure that it is an opportunity and not a trap.

  • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Be careful as to your long term commitments and don’t make decisions with short term eyes. Always consider the long term ramifications of your choices.

  • When taking advice (such as now) consider the motives of the giver of the advise. If they will benefit directly or indirectly in your acting on their advice be very weary of accepting it. If they do not benefit it is a good sign that they are motivated selflessly and you can consider that advice favorably.

  • Be patient with life. Instant gratification is often fleeting and does not satisfy. Contentment in life is proportional to the effort put into it. Look for contentment for it brings the joy and happiness that is lasting.

  • Be patient with people and slow to be offended. Always ask if the offence was really intended as you perceived it or was it the result of a person’s personal problem which had nothing to do with you. Then of course there is the possibility that you deserved to be offended. Sometimes we need to recognize our own faults, then correct them, or at least try.

  • When a disagreement occurs … and they will … always ask yourself, “How important is it for me to win this argument?” Do I want to sacrifice love or friendship to serve my pride or my ego? Sometimes it is prudent to lose or just refuse to fight in the interest of peace and love.

  • On of my favorite expressions is, “I thought I made a mistake once … but I was in error.” It is my way of saying, I am often in error and when I am, my first action is to admit it and then ask for help. To try to hide a mistake is to put your trustworthiness in jeopardy which deepens the problem. Admitting error brings others to your side. People are always willing to help an honest person. You are recognized as a responsible person.

  • Live a life of truth, honesty and justice, and be cognizant of the fact that Justice applies to everyone equally. A decision or action that I consider to be “justice” to me, if it damages someone else, is not Justice. Justice is when no one hurts and sometimes we must have less than we want for justice to exist.

  • Recognize that our work and indeed all our efforts in life should contribute to the wellbeing of our fellow humans. When we gain anything at the expense of another we loose because we have damaged humanity.

  • This list is not complete but it will suffice for now. You may think that I have ignored faith and religion but I haven’t. All the above is not only based in my Faith in God but it is the manifestation of that faith. It is the way I love God and my neighbor or at least do my best to accomplish that. I just try to be more kind than I need to be.

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Retired & a great grandpa.
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