The Symphony of Life

Just imagine a group of 150 musicians each playing his instrument in any tune or tempo he wanted and trying to be the loudest in order to drown out his fellow musicians. That is what uncontrolled ego does to the world.

Lets make beautiful music together, clear and melodious. When you have about 42 minutes to enjoy this I highly recommend it but if you don’t, watch at least a small part of it to get just a hint of what I am trying to convey here.

That performance is well worth setting aside the time to hear and watch. Let it wash over you and stir your soul. It will do that if you let it and you will emerge cleansed of your immediate cares … at least for a little while. It does that for me.

Each person in the orchestra has his part as we do in life. Sometimes we have a prominent solo but we never dominate. Our efforts always are to blend with the whole. We are often in the background giving support to the soloist or to an entire section of the group. Even the rests where we are silent lend to the harmony and produce a needed effect.

Wouldn’t our world be wonderful if we all lived in harmony! We can make beautiful music together if we would only try.

Reflecting even deeper into our life of symphonic harmony we realize that the music of the world would not be remotely possible without the people who designed and created the musical instruments. We never see them and sometimes it is we who are in this supporting role. Never prominent but indispensable in our role. The least of us is important to the harmony of life.

Conversely, very prominent is the leader(s) of the orchestra. They have the awesome responsibility to guide us and maintain the harmony. But they too must subject themselves to the written score of the author.

And then of course there is the Author, Himself. He has not only created the music but all who perform it. It is God’s plan that is the music of life and it is God’s plan that we live in harmony to make it as He designed it.

Again, I say, Let’s make beautiful music together and leave ego and discord behind.

Some people fear that being grateful makes us beholden to someone. Maybe it is true but it is not to be feared. It means we have a friend who cares. That’s a good thing. We need to recognize God as our friend, not one who condemns and punishes. He created us and he does not want His creation to fail. That would be rather counterproductive wouldn’t it! God is not stupid nor should we be stupid either.

Maybe this should be our prayer …

As we journey along the adventuress road of life
let us thrive in harmony with our fellows.
Let us blend out talents with them
to bring to fruition the plan You designed for us.
Let us avoid discord as we do our best
to follow your plan for humanity.
Let us play each of our assigned parts
using the talents You have gifted to us
ever aware of the beauty you have planned for us.

About Grandpadonplefka

Retired & a great grandpa.
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