Maturity – Step #4 – Adulthood

When we reach adulthood we are supposed to be mature. I see too many exceptions to that rule. I also see too many levels of maturity. Humans are designed in such a way that one group of people have an extensive maturity training period in their early adulthood. These select individuals are called “Parents”. They have the privilege and duty to care for one or more infants and in doing so should finally learn what self sacrifice is all about. For many, this extended hands on training period is a success. Unfortunately their is no screening in place to prevent completely immature adults from being parents. A few are so unable to control their selfish rages that they murder their children. Many fail to wean their children from their natural selfishness to various degrees.

To those of you who believe in “Original Sin” I suggest that since the “original” sin of Adam & Eve was the sin of ego driven selfishness (and what else could it be called) that Humans are born in that state. It must be removed or suppressed in order that we may live as God meant us to live … As His will be done … in unselfish love and justice. (But I digress.)

Adulthood  does not, unfortunately equate to maturity. I have come to believe that self centeredness is a condition of an immature person. It, not money, is the root of all evil. It is a state of uncontrolled ego wherein a person holds himself above others and holds his wants above the needs of others, He may not even recognize the difference between wants and needs, It is a condition of wanting instant gratification as opposed to inner joy. It is greed, not gratitude for what we have. Fanaticism is, I believe, a form of immaturity. Any degree of intolerance is immaturity. It is rampant in our society.

But, all is not lost. There is no deadline in this world for reaching maturity. Many, myself included, do not reach advanced levels of maturity until late in life and some never reach it at all. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Most religions have goals that promote maturity. They never give up and neither should we. I do believe however that there is a deadline. I do not believe that immature people are allowed into Heaven. C.S Lewis makes that point far better than I ever could in his book, “The Great divorce”. No it is not about marriage or the dissolution of marriage. It is about moving from Purgatory to Heaven. Read it.

But on the assumption that immaturity is not permitted in Heaven I suggest that in order to avoid delays or even rejection, we should be as mature as we possibly can before approaching those gates.

We can stamp out adult immaturity if we start with ourselves.

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Retired & a great grandpa.
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