The Power of God

I am in awe of the power of God …
Not in His use of it, but in His restraint of using it. He does not command nor force compliance with His way. He invites. He teaches. He has not created a race of slaves, puppets or robots. He created us as thinking beings, capable of choosing right from wrong, good from evil. He does not smite us dead if we do not follow Him but will give us the rest of our lives to make the right choices. We can do no less than He in the use of what power we may have and turn it to be used for the good of all. It is called selflessness.
(Just something of which I have become aware on the way to where I am today.)
I think it would be wonderful if every person in the world would have been taught this from infancy and believed it. Wouldn’t it be a better world?

About Grandpadonplefka

Retired & a great grandpa.
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