Rabble Rouser Report #12:

The latest attack uses “Diane Sawyer reporting on U.S. bridge projects going to the Chinese…” as the basis for their attack on Pres. Obama. Yet, no place in her report does she mention the President or even the Federal government. Wait … she does say that the states involved refused federal money to avoid complying with federal laws that prohibit giving the contracts to foreign governments. A realy smart rabble rouser would have edited out that part of her report. But of course the rabble rousers are counting on their audience being so anti Obama that they would pay no attention to that part of it. But to guild the lily they include a project that is not at all guilty of the offence. But of course their audience would never think of checking the facts. What is turning me against any Republican leanings is the fact that all these email attacks by the rabble rousers are anti-Obama and thus pro Republican. I will not abide by dishonesty! As far as I am concerned, someone who obviously lies to promote a cause, looses all credibility.

The email also included the following … and I quote exactly …

Please refrain from using Snopes.  Once it was determined that the husband and wife who run the site are bleeding heart Liberals funded by Sorostheir credibiliy disappeared

Well, I do not find that statement to be credible for several reasons and so I did and will continue to rely on Snoops to ferret out the rabble rousers.  My thanks to the friend who sent that to me, adding grist to my mill.

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