Rabble Rouser Report #11

The claim is that Obama admits not being born in Hawaii …

The email starts with …

Scroll all the way down and watch the video. It is Obama after he became a Senator. How come it never came out before now?  Obama admits not being born in Hawaii …  Can one doubt his own admission? Where is Sixty Minutes? 

To answer the first question, it was long in being published because it took a lot of time and effort to falsify the video. As to the second question, they wouldn’t touch such an absurd and obviously false claim video a ten foot pole. To get the entire story I invite you to visit the fraud as viewed by Snoops. The doctored video is shown in it’s entirety on the Snoops website. Also, on that web site is the statements of the man who produced the doctored video thinking no one would see it as anything but the joke that it is.

To those who are desperate to believe such a claim, I remind them that if something looks too good to be true, it isn’t. You all should know that. But the rabble rousers know that many will believe really stupid things just because that is what they want to believe. Also, wouldn’t you think that if there was any credibility to this at all, that the Tea Party would have it in every one of their campaign adds!  Mr. Obama has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is a citizen of the United States of American and he has been elected by more than half of Americans to the Office of the President. He is our president. What is … IS. Live with it.

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