Rabble Rouser Report #9

The email said that President Obama is going to sneak through a 1% tax on all bank transactions. Moreover this is somehow tied to social security payments. Bringing in the fact that in 2013 all social security payments will be made by direct deposit or to a prepaid debit card lends the illusion of truth to the claim but has nothing whatever to do with the lie about the tax. To add insult to injury, the originator of this email demonstrates that the target of this missive is indeed the rabble who are easily led by the nose and are not astute enough to read the entire message. They claim that Snoops says the assertion of the pending tax is true and inserts a “copy” of Snoop’s statement. The fact is that Snoops pages are under copyright and making a copy is illegal. The reason for this is that copies can be altered as was the case here. To prove the believers of this outright lie are indeed gullible and not capable of reading, they include a link to the actual Snoops page that says the whole thing is false.

It saddens me that otherwise intelligent and good people are so eager to believe in their cause that they jump to the chance to embrace the propaganda of the rabble rousers. I will not be part of the rabble. This is not because I am partial to President Obama but because I am the Knight Commander of the Use the Internet Responsibly Crusade.

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