Rabble Rouser Report #8:

They are at it again. This time with an oft repeated false attack on the ACLU. See Military Cemetery Crosses.  Do we realty need to lie and distort to discredit those with whom we disagree? What does lying do to our own credibility?

That was followed … (from the same friend) with a Power Point presentation that started very patriotic and well done. However it soon turned into a propaganda piece in favor of gun ownership. All very well and good … except that it quoted many of our leaders of the Revolutionary War period telling us that our need for firearms was to protect the citizens from the government and advocating the need of gun ownership so the government could be forcibly overthrown. Wasn’t the very purpose of the Revolution to eliminate the very need for that? Weren’t we revolting against a despotic English king who could not be voted out of office? Didn’t we establish a representative form of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” in which we could vote a bad leader out of office or impeach him if necessary? I should also point out that at the time, guns were required for hunting, against Indians, against the Canadians, and that there were no police departments to fight crime? Times have changed as has our needs for guns. I would also note that the same people, most if not all of them, were slave owners and slave ownership is now illegal in this country. Laws do change as our civilization advances. At least I hope it is advancing. By the way, I would not fear. The ACLU will defend your right to own a gun.

I again offer a disclaimer. This is the way I think and it may differ from your position. I have very much enjoyed shooting at targets in the past but I don’t have any compelling need to do so. I also have no need to shoot at animals and birds. Maybe that’s because I poses no skills in that regard and since I would not enjoy the skinning and butchering my own food I prefer to leave it to the professionals who put it in nice convenient packages for me and make it readily available. I also cringe at the thought of some fanatical, self proclaimed militia rising up to save me from my elected officials … and where would they stop with their martial law? But … to each his own.

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