“When you are up to your … whatever … in alligators … “

My storehouse having been burnt down,
nothing obstructs my view of the bright moon.

Zen poet

             It would seem that the Zen poet has discovered the Attitude of Gratitude. However … isn’t there always a “however”? … if the barn burnt down, killing all the live stock within it and destroyed the box hidden in the loft with all your life savings and you got 3rd degree burns on 40% of your body while trying to save what you could … and you couldn’t save anything … Would you even want to see the moon? (Other than to scream at it.) I am reminded of the old adage … “When you are up to your chin in alligators, it is hard to remember that the purpose of the project was to drain the swamp“. It’s not always easy to be positive and this is the time to ask for help. This is the time to pray, to reach down deep in your faith and ask God for help. Then it is entirely appropriate to turn to family and friends and let them know you are in trouble. You may think it should be obvious but it may not be. Sure, you asked God for help and God has inspired those around you to do something, but they don’t know exactly what to do or what is needed unless you tell them. Sometimes some sort material or service help can be given and sometimes it is just a sympathetic word or action. Sometimes all they can do is pray. Go ahead and ask for prayers and get a whole bunch of people to pester God on your behalf. It does move him when people join together for a just cause. Just ask Him to stop treating you like Job. (Remember him  from the Bible?)

Whatever you do, let it not be to put up a brave front and pretend that you are just ducky with it all. That will only add to your misery and no one wants that. Then when things do get better or at least become manageable, you can offer a prayer of gratitude as appropriate.

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