If There Is No Wind, Row – A Roman Proverb

Many people want to rely on “luck”, horoscopes, the
stars, or anything but themselves for happiness and
success. They seem to be convinced that it is all in
someone else’s hands or the result of some mysterious
and inanimate “force” and they have little or no control
of their lives. Some even think that their lives are
pre-ordained and there is nothing they can do to change
anything. Others seem to think that it is all in God’s
hands and that He is some thing like a puppet master
with all our actions controlled by the strings He
manipulates. All this negates the Christian
concept of free will
. We are abdicating
our responsibility for our selves and branding ourselves
as failures and of course we are because to not try is to
fail.  If the wind doesn’t fill our sails, don’t
just sit and wait for it to blow us, maybe in some
unwanted direction … Row.

It is we, each of us who makes the choices. It is we who
are responsible for our destiny and nothing or no one
else! Am I denying Luck, horoscopes, pre-ordination and
the such? Yes … unequivocally! It is, in my humble
opinion, superstition and rubbish. It is a crutch we use
to deny responsibility for our actions. Am I denying
God? Positively not! God is
the one who created the universe and all that is in it
and He is the one who created us giving the greatest
gift of all, our free will. He
also has the integrity and justice of not thwarting the
gift of free will by pre-ordaining our destiny and
denying us our right to choose to follow His way or not.
We have that responsibly and we must man our own oars
when needed. We may ask for His guidance and ask for
strength and that He gives freely … if we want it.
When we make an effort, a real effort, to unite with God
and follow His way, we become closer to Him and closer
to becoming one mind with God. Even miracles will occur
… some outstanding, but more often small and seemingly
insignificant and unrecognized, especially at the time
of the occurrence. But, I tend to rely on the old adage
that God helps those who help themselves …
but not at the expense of others.
I also
firmly believe the God helps, even more, those who
unselfishly help others. My personal experience is that
when God sees us share our time, talent and treasures
with others, He gifts us even more, knowing that what He
gives us will be shared.  So, if the wind isn’t
blowing your way, try rowing. Even the pagan Romans knew
to do that.

About Grandpadonplefka

Retired & a great grandpa.
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