The Pursuit of Happiness

My heart goes out to those who do not feel as I do. Some
only speak of problems and troubles. I wish … no, pray
… that they could be blessed as am I. I am tempted to
suggest that it is, at least partly (mostly) due to
negative thinking. I am convinced that one finds only
that which he seeks and if he only thinks in the
negative that is what will be found. But having in the
past been a victim of that kind of thought I know how
hard it is. The hurt is real. There is no doubt of that.
It is not a figment of the imagination and it is not
self inflicted. But the mind can be coaxed into a more
positive mode and the negative can be counterbalanced by
concentrating on the good in our lives. When we do that
we often find that there is much for which to be
grateful. Bringing thoughts of these things to dominance
can negate and, indeed, bury the negative. There is no
doubt in my mind that we are what we think. Yes, it is a
form of brain washing … self inflicted and beneficial.
As we regularly wash our bodies to keep them in good
health we must wash our brain of the negativity that
accumulates there like poisonous dirt. We are not
deluding ourselves in becoming a Pollyanna. We bring
ourselves into a state of contentment. Yes, we know
things can be better but we don’t obsess of that but
instead gain a sense of satisfaction in knowing that
much of our life is good. If we are satisfied, we are
happy. Its a given. Happiness is a state of being, not
some far off goal. If we are forever seeking happiness
it will be never found for seeking is dissatisfaction
personified. It is self defeating because to seek is to
tell ourselves that we are lacking that for which we
seek. Happiness, like many other aspects of life is a
paradox in that, in giving it away, we gain it. The
reason is that in order to give it, by displaying it, we
must realize and admit that we have it.

About Grandpadonplefka

Retired & a great grandpa.
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