Rabble Rouser Report #6

It is hard to believe but the “birthers” are still at it. Maybe a storm
disrupted their TV and newspaper reports of a couple weeks ago when President
Obama had the State of Hawaii release the long form of his birth certificate to
the public. Or it just may be that they continue to believe what they want to
believe instead of the proven truth. This time they are circulating a video of
the ranting of a preacher proclaiming that Mr. O is not a citizen. Of course we
have to believe him because he has a radio talk show and he has a Ph D after his
name. Of course he doesn’t mention that the Ph D was awarded to him from the
non-accredited college that he founded and owns. I’ll just bet that if I sent
him some money I could get one of his Ph D’s then everyone would believe
anything I say. The facts are that Mr. Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and that
he is the duly elected president of These United States of America. We may not
like that but if we want to do something about it we must wait for the next
presidential election. Sometimes in life we must accept what we don’t
particularly like and live with it. I would hope that truth and common sense
would prevail. By the way, you can read about preacher Manning by clicking on
the link. Is this the person you want to believe?

You may also wish to read Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories.

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Retired & a great grandpa.
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