Rabble Rouser Report #4

It is rare that I would present two rabble rouser reports in the same week but this one was prompted by a direct attract on a source that I trust. The subject line of the email was, “Maybe insteaad of going to SNOPES for the truth, you should ask Rush Lim…]” The first clue about this email was that the originator didn’t even make the effort to check his spelling. The email went on to claim that Snopes is in the pocket of Obama supporters and sited all kinds of sources to prove it. My response to the sender was …

Finding no comment on this on Snopes, I submitted it to them for their response. Having said that, if you go to “About Snopes” at http://www.snopes.com/info/aboutus.asp you will find a denial that they are funded by any political entity and they claim to be non-political in nature.   As for Rush Limbaugh, if I asked him if the sun was shining I would doubt the veracity of his answer … whatever it was and however I was blinded by the bright orb in the sky.

Within minutes of sending my inquiry to Snopes I received this response …

The item you reference is erroneous. See the following for correct information:
http://www.snopes.com/info/notes/kagan.asp http://www.snopes.com/info/faq.asp#sponsor http://tinyurl.com/2839vwx

I, of course, relayed the information to the sender of the email. It is interesting to note that within the first of the referenced links, Snopes says, “… the responses we get tend to indicate a good many people are determined to believe whatever they want to believe, and no collection of contradictory factual information, no matter how large or authoritative or impressive it might be, is ever going to dissuade them from their beliefs.”  Indeed, when talking politics, it is so often a matter of emotion and there is no point in introducing either truth or logic. The Rabble Rousers of course know this and their targets are the people who let emotion control their decisions. It is a very powerful tool.

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