Rabble Rouser Report #3

Rabble Rouser Report #3

As much as I try, I am not immune to the rabble rousers. Just because some are considered the good guys doesn’t mean they don’t stoop to try to get us riled up in opposition to something or other. This one touted the fact that there are ten very large and prominent companies that didn’t pay any taxes this year. We were asked to post it on our facebook page and in a fit of indignation I did just that. After all, I, insignificant little me, paid taxes … why shouldn’t they? Well, as a friend pointed out, they didn’t owe any taxes. If you lawfully don’t owe taxes, you don’t pay taxes, do you? Of course not. Yet some people who would read my post would get all upset and not want to buy their products, This of course is the opposite of what should be happening. Aren’t we also being urged to “buy American”? We need to guard against proliferating just part of the story. If the tax laws need to be changed, and they do, lets talk about that and not persecute those who simply obey the law. I have deleted the post.

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