Rabble Rouser Report #2

An email is circulating with information about your Social Security program. It is mostly true. The operative word here is “mostly”.  I find one minor and one major fault in it.

The minor fault is that originally there was printed on the card, “Not to be used for Identification”. That notification was removed. The fact is that your SS number always identified you but the card was not to be used as an ID card for if it was, you would be revealing your SS number. Even though the admonition is not printed on the card, it is not to be used for an ID card like your driver’s license.  Your SS number, not the card, always did and still does identify you in the SS system. As a unique ID number it has come to identify you for many other purposes as well.

The greater fault in the email is that its wording perpetuates the myth that illegal aliens benefit from Social Security. The fact is that they do not and can not. They do cause a problem when they use stolen SS numbers and thus cause confusion when the real owner of that SS# applies for benefits and has to prove he or she is no longer working because taxes are being paid into his account from the person who is using his number. Also, the illegal alien is actually paying money into the system through the use of the fake (stolen) SS# and that is money that he can never draw out because it goes into the account of the real owner of the number. Illegal aliens do not get SS benefits. Oh yes, legal immigrants do get legal SS numbers and they do get benefits based on what they contribute just like anyone else who contributes legally.

Don’t be fooled by the rabble rousers who want to foster descent and dissatisfaction by wrapping lies and half truths in facts. They are trying to use you. I, for one, will not be ill used by them.

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Retired & a great grandpa.
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