“They” are ploting against us.

“They” are all trying to make us dissatisfied with life. Why are many of us so miserable? I know why. Its a plot. “They” are plotting against us. Just look at the weather reports for a typical example. Last Saturday we had a high of 42° and the TV announcer made sure that we knew that it was well below “normal”. He also made a point of mentioning the the record high for the date was 78°. This, to me, seems to have been a deliberate attempt to make us unhappy with what we have. But, I thwart their attempts to promote gloom and doom by looking at the record low for the date. It was 12°! Isn’t it fortunate that we had a 42° day and not a 12° day! But, “they” never mention that. The adds tell us that we need to have everything that is bigger and better and prettier, and more powerful and more comfortable. They lead us to believe we need a better job, go on longer vacations to exotic places or win the lottery and buy everything in sight along with anything we can imagine. It is all a plot by “them” to make us dissatisfied with what we have. It doesn’t make any difference that most people get along quite well with smaller and less costly things and are plain and less powerful, getting along with less, sometimes very much less, comfort. It matters not that many have menial jobs or none at all and have no idea what it means to go on vacation but enjoy the company of family and friends right where they live. It means nothing that some have just enough money to buy bread and maybe a little more and can’t even imagine living the way we do. What I am suggesting is that we look at the record low for the day and think of how blessed we are that the day was better than that. Why not take on an attitude of gratitude for what we have and not allow ourselves to torture ourselves with the dissatisfaction foisted on us by “them”.

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One Response to “They” are ploting against us.

  1. Bob Clarke says:

    In your last email to me…

    “You can also assign each post to a “catagory” i.e Politics, Values, Faith … or anything you want. Take a look at my blog to see what I mean.
    Great start … You are a quick learner.”

    Even quick learners are slow sometimes. {grin} Please advise me on how to assign categories. That is, can you directed me to the areas where I can do such things.

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