Relay For Life


Ana Plefka is participating in the Relay For Life and she has been joined by her cousin Kelly Plefka.  
Last Friday I suggested that we needed $20 more in donations to bring Ana’s total up to $300.  By the end of the day we were there and that is great. But I didn’t mean to discourage anyone for giving beyond that.  There is no limit to what can and should be raised for this great cause.

But now Kelly has joined the fray. This is not a competition between Dan’s Ana and Tom’s Kelly. Even though they are on different teams the goal is the same. Kill Cancer!  So, those of you who have not made a donation as yet, or just want to donate more for a big need, go ahead and do it in either girl’s name.

For Kelly … go to Kelly’s page.
For Ana,  … go to  Ana’s page.

The event will take place in May.  The donations go to The American Cancer Society and the goal is to remove the blight of cancer from our existence as well as aid those inflicted by this disease. Don’t forget to print your receipt for your tax deduction.

 A word about giving …
When I was making house calls to get high level pledges for the building of our church, a parishioner commented, “If everyone gave their share, the church could be built without asking for such high amounts.” He continued by saying that they were perfectly willing to donate their share of the cost but the amount being asked of them obviously was much more. I told them that indeed it was and the pastor was asking those who had been very generous in the past to give even more. The fact is that 60% of those registered as parishioners do not even show up regularly on Sunday if at all. Their religion is simply not important to them at this time of their lives. It would be entirely unrealistic to expect them to donate much if anything. Then there were those who for any number of reasons were not able to donate much. Many have lost their jobs, have high medical bills, are paying huge amounts in tuition or are encumbered financially in other ways. They can not give. It is a fact that 25% of parishioners give 90% of the support of the church. I went on to explain that considering all this, one’s “fair share” has nothing to do with averages of any kind but is a matter that is up to the conscience of the individual and simply a matter of how much of the gifts they had received from God that they wanted to share. The family donated the amount asked. This of course applied to church giving but it also applies to donating for any good cause. To paraphrase John Kennedy who paraphrased Kahlil Gibran … “Ask not what others can do for me, but rather what I can do for others.”

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