The Rabble-Rouser Report #1

  Note: I do not “know it all” … that’s why I look things up to verify them. I also do not accept something just because it fits my beliefs and sound believable to me or it is what I want to believe. When researching something I avoid going to sources that have an axe to grind or are known fanatics.

The latest attempt by the rabble-rousers are a claim regarding President Obama’s supposed response regarding opposition to his veteran’s health insurance plan. I will not repeat the email here but it can be reviewed along with an explanation of the falsehood of it at The forwarded email claims to include a statement by President Obama. The statement is, in fact, taken from a comedy routine and is clearly intended by its unidentified sources to discredit the president.  I have been asked why I trust the veracity of Snoops over other sources. It is because they are dedicated to the truth and I for one have never found them to support a lie. You can read their statement regarding that at About Snoops. But aside from that, lets apply a little logic here … If the President had realy said what was in that email, wouldn’t you expect that every veteran’s organization in America would publicly condemn him for it? I would. But they haven’t. Doesn’t that alone tell us anything about the email and the rabble-rousers behind it?  Please, lets join the Crusade to use the Internet Responsibly and not forward this kind of trash. We may not agree with his politics but we should respect the office of President and like it or not, Mr. Obama is our President. Besides, we should have more respect for ourselves than put ourselves in the position of being gullible rabble. We are better than that!

By the way, I disagree with the concept of taping private insurance for wounds or injuries received while in military service. This is an “on-the -job” situation and a government responsibility.

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