The signs of the Zodiac have been changed

Good grief! We find that the signs of the Zodiac have been changed, or they have been wrong for centuries. What are we to do? What if we are one of the many who have our “sign” tattooed on our body someplace! Well, it is not a problem for me. My sign is one that will never change. It is the Sign of the Cross. Being under the Sign of the Cross means that I am loving, kind and charitable, slow to anger and quick to forgive, It means I have a protector in heaven who will always guide me along the right road. It was my understanding that the Sign of the Cross replaced the old pagan signs but for some they seem to persist. But what need is there for the pagan signs when we have the Sign of the Cross. You can be born at any time of the year for it to be yours. The Zodiac signs are different in the orient than in the Western world but the Sign of the Cross is universal. The Zodiac signs of different people are said to either be compatible or clash but all under the Sign of the Cross are compatible and all can be under the Sign of the Cross. I am safe and secure under the Sign of the Cross … nothing has changed, but me.

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2 Responses to The signs of the Zodiac have been changed

  1. Br. Chris says:

    Thanks for the reminder that we are all under the SIGN OF THE CROSS…

    I must confess I enjoyed for a time reading the LEO sign each day…but by the time the day wore on, I forgot what I had read. I always enjoyed sending birthday cards to students and friends. I do little of that anymore I generally phone… except to remember them (TOM January 1st, 1963) and pray for them….which means he just turned 48 years old… Tom is hard to be in contact with and now more so since the girls are out west and not at Marist….anyway I never paid attention to their signs except for those who might be born under my sign. I try to see if they possess the same traits I possess or is it all just fiction…which is fine with me…I am pretty much toward the end of Leo so maybe I will be spared a change of Constellation…
    I do remember birthdays and it is an occasion to pray for them and as I say call or e/mail…haven’t gotten into the I-pod stuff which people now carry around and are constantly checking for messeges…I refuse to be bound by that little machine…I am very good about checking my e/mail each day…

    Enough for now…Don…Keep those memories flowing into your weekly “WHAT’S NEW?” AND especially the inspiring quotations…

    Love to all the family,

    Brother Christopher

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