“Ordinary” times.

With Christmas over we enter into “ordinary” times. Ordinary in church terms does not mean common or not special. Ordinary Time gets its name from the word ordinal, meaning “numbered,” as opposed to being defined by a liturgical season such as Christmas, Lent, Easter or Advent.  Ordinary time is anything but ordinary or uneventful.  Every day of our lives is an event. It never happened before and it will never happen again. Because of that, we should make the best of it. Life is to be lived, one day at a time. We should try to make every day meaningful, and not just “get through it” expecting that tomorrow or next week or next year will somehow be magically better. Tomorrow may never arrive and today is all we have to work with. Tomorrow, if and when it does arrive, will be the result of what we do today so if we want a better tomorrow we need to do something right now.

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Retired & a great grandpa.
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