“So. … you are going to let him hang himself!”.

I remember as a young and inexperienced employee of Kelso-Burnet Co., my boss, Herald Roberts, taking me to the purchasing agent and telling him to fill any requisition I submitted from then on. My requisitions no longer needed Harold’s initials of approval. Henry Ulrich, the god of KB purchasing (don’t ever touch his precious fountain pen)  said, “So. … you are going to let him hang himself!”.  The remark was meant to impress upon me the awesome responsibility I had just been given and it had that effect.  One serious error could result in loosing my job. But it also gave me the freedom and authority to do my job. It was, in effect, a promotion, a recognition of my abilities and potential as an assistant, and future, Contract Manager. God gave us an even more important gift right from the start. We are responsible for our own soul through the gift of free will. It is an awesome responsibility but we are free to do what we will. Jesus became man that we may have guidance in our choices. He doesn’t force us to do the right thing but … we have all the rope we need to hang ourselves … or to prove ourselves to be the kind of person God intended us to be.

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Retired & a great grandpa.
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