Should I just give it up?

This Blog has been on line for almost a month now. No one has posted a comment on anything I wrote here. Of course I don’t realy expect a comment on the Ancestry items unless someone has some information to add but as far as the “Faith & Religion” or “Values & Ethics” categories,  should I assume that everyone agrees with me (wouldn’t that be extraordinary!) or those who disagree don’t want to hurt my feelings … or worse, they are afraid I will think less of them if they do disagree?  Well, I know everyone does not agree with my views and beliefs. But if no one says they don’t agree I could get a swell head and become unbearably vein. Go ahead and do your part in keeping me humble. If I am wrong, it behooves me to find out and I would rather that a friend tell me than everyone laugh behind my back. On the other hand, if you do agree it would be nice to get some affirmation of my beliefs. Or, maybe no one has even looked at the blog and it it serves no useful purpose. Should I just give it up?

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2 Responses to Should I just give it up?

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Heavens, no…don’t give up anything you want to do! In our world right now, we all use our computers or cell phones for communicating with everyone all the time. I admire you for wanting to communicate on your website, facebook and blogs. For me personally, I prefer to call you each day and hear your pleasant “Hello”. I don’t even care if you haven’t had your usual great days because then I get to hear that you are human, too! 🙂 You have the best outlook on life of anyone I know and have been one of the best influences on my children throughout their lives which makes me so extremely proud. I see part of you with each act of kindness. Remember that just because you do not get a reply to something you have said or written does not mean it is not being heard or read.

    • Thanks.
      It is easy to see that my favorite daughter is my greatest fan. Well, she certianly knows how to schmooze her dad. You have to be careful because with a little encouragement from you it encourages me to continue. (I think that’s a good thing.)

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