Happy Hollidays

I hope I don’t offend you but … I just don’t … can’t … get all out of joint about the term “Holiday” when applied to OUR Christmas season, OUR Christmas tree, OUR Christmas lights and all the rest. Are our egos so large that we think we are the only ones here? Well, we are not … definitely not. Like it or not, we are a diverse culture and others among us celebrate their holidays and, yes, holydays, at this time of the year as well. I think that it is wonderful that we can share a great holiday season. Yes, we have Christmas at this time of the year but the holiday pre-dates Christ and Christianity. See Origins of Christmas. We Christians selected the date on which we celebrate the birth of Christ because it was already an almost universally celebrated time of feasting. We borrowed most of our Christmas customs from those already in use by other cultures. The season is not exclusively OURS and it never was. Yes, I will have a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations and send out Christmas cards. But I will enjoy the holiday season and revel in the fact that other cultures will enjoy it also. And I will continue to shop a stores that help us celebrate the holidays, even though their motives are for profit, which is not all that bad. (And their motives would be the same if they called it Christmas.)  I will enjoy the holiday lights because whatever their intent they remind me that Christ brought light into the world. So … I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. The only important thing is what the season and holiday means to you and that the holiday season includes Christmas … unless of course you are not Christian and if that be the case it is important that the holiday fits your culture and beliefs.

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Retired & a great grandpa.
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