Gamaliel Packard (1776-1855) & Susan Joy (1779-1852)


Administration of the estate of Gamaliel Packard or Dartmouth was granted to William Howland, also of Dartmouth, in a document dated 5 June 185521 This Gamaliel Packard (b. 1776; d. 26 March 1855) also appeared in Burials and burial places in the sown of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, which stated that he was buried at the Newtown Burial Ground in Dartmouth, alongside his wife, Susannah Packard (b. b. 1779; d, 13 September 1852).  Gamaled Packard was listed in the census of 1820 as having a male below the age of 10 who could be a match for Shepard Packard (b 1818)

We found him in family trees which gave his dates of birth and death and identified his wife as Susan Joy (1779-1852).  However the 3 children listed there were all girls born prior to 1801.

 Since the 1820 census lists a male child under the age of 10 in his household could they be the parents of Shepard L Packard?

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