… something they wrote on Facebook

The noon news always has a feature in which they ask a question about some aspect of the news and have people respond with their opinion. Later they reveal the results. My greatest problem with this is that they thank the people for “voting”. It is NOT a vote! It does not make the answer with the most numerous responses the right answer. The question on Wednesday which was objectionable to me  was, “Does an employer have the right to discharge an employee for something they wrote on Facebook?” Most people said “No” based on the premise that what they do on their own time is no business of their employer. This attitude seems to me to be saying that to be “two-faced” is perfectly OK. One could extend the argument to say that religious beliefs have nothing to do with how one acts in public. rubbish! … I say. You are who you are and to put on a mask in one place or another is not the way to live. When a politician or celebrity says something offensive “off-mike” or in private and it becomes known, we immediately know their true character. I find it to be impossible to live with a split personality and put on differing faces depending on whom I am with. I have much better peace of mind when I am the same person in any and every situation. It goes to integrity! And … in dealing with others, honesty and integrity is all that matters.  It is in the same vein as the case with our former Governor, RB. When you listen to the secretly recorded conversations, you hear a foul-mouthed selfish man (and his wife isn’t much better). That is not the kind of person I want as governor and just on that point it was right that he was removed from office. He was obviously a two-faced individual and you could justly assume that he speaks with forked tongue. An employer should indeed fire an employee who can not be trusted to do the best for the company and any evidence to the contrary is a mandate to sever the relationship. Be careful what you say on the internet. It is somewhat like the saying, “Be good. But if you can’t be good, be careful. And if you can’t be careful ... there are consequences”   (Or it went something like that.)

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