Abijah Packard (1768-1842)

Abijah Packard (1768-1842) Abijah Packard was identified as residing in Bristol County, Massachusetts in the 1820 U.S. census who could be considered a  parentage possibility for Shepard Packard (b. circa 1818, Massachusetts), since his household contained a male below the age of ten who could be a match for Shepard Packard.

The will of Abijah Packard of Dartmouth., Bristol County, Massachusetts, yeoman, was dated 3 June 1842. In his will, Abijah Packard identified several family members by name, including sons Henry S. Packard and Charles F. Packard (both appointed as executors of their fathers estate), daughter-in-law Mary Packard, grandsons William a, Franklin S., and Charles A. Packard, granddaughters Mary Ann and Abby M. Packard, son-in-law Elihu Wood, and grandson John A. Wood. This will, which was witnessed by Joseph Gifford, John Cummings, and William Howland, did not contain any reference to Shepard Packard.

The above information came from NEHGS and the birth and death dates as well as the name of his wife, Hannah Smith (1775-1811)  was derived from Ancestry.com family trees.  To have been the father of a child about 1811, Abijah must have married again but we have no knowledge of this union. No marriage was found for their son Henry. Charles apparently married Mary Pierce and they parented William Henry, Marry Ann, Franklin S, and Charles A. It is unknown if this information is complete nor do we know the parents of Abijah. Since Shepard had gone into the Army for six years and then never returned home it is entirely possible that they didn’t know where he was and he was left out of the will.

Does anyone know more about this Packard family group? Is there a connection to Shepard L Packard?

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