Jedediah Packard – Father of Shepard L Packard?

Jedediah Packard (1757 – Abt 1848)
Several Family trees on include a Jedediah Packard born in 1757. He is listed in them as being married to Kezia Williams on 09 Aug 1789 at Easton, Ma by Samuel Guild, Justice of the Peace. Their children include Dexter born after 1789, Mason – 30 Jan 1790, Keziah – Abt. 06 Mar 1794. This is probably an incomplete listing.  On 22 Nov 1795 Jedediah married Mehetibel Witherell.  It may be assumed that his first wife died during or after the birth of their daughter. According to the NEHGS report, Mehetible Packard, widow of Jedediah is listed in a list of US pensioners, from 1848 through March of 1857. According to that document she died 17 June 1857. According to that, this Jedediah Packard died about 1848.

Jedediah Packard (1787 – ) (1860 Census)

Jedediah Packard was a shovel maker. (at the Ames Foundry) according to the 1860 census) In the 1820 census there were the following family members:
2 male under 10 (Was one of them Shepard Packard?)
1 Male 26 – 45 (Jedediaha born between 1775 and 1794 )
2 female 10-16
1 female 16-26
1 female 26-45

According to the History of the Town of Easton, Massachusetts, Jedediah Packard served in Capt. Joseph Franklin’s company of Nathan Taylor’s regiment in the American Revolution as well as serving under Captain Randall in Rhode Island.  Also mentioned was a Jedediah Packard who sold his farm to the town of Easton in 1838 for the construction of a poorhouse.

A Jedediah Packard from Massachusits served in the war of 1812 in Capt. N. Reed’s Company of Liet. Col. B. Lincoln’s Regiment which was raised at Tauton and Easton. That company served at New Bedford, MA from 1 Aug to 2 Sep in 1814.
Apparently he also served in Capt. Z. Smith’s Company of Maj. J. Lewis’ Batalion, raised at Abington and serving at Boston from 22 Sept. to 30 Oct. in 1814.

In a will for Jedediah Packard filed in Bristol county dated 9 Feb 1857 there is mentioned a wife Nancy; and children Asa Packard, Susan Morton (wife of Alfred), Nauhrn Packard, William Packard, and Margaret Caswell. Also identified  were a grandson William Caswell and son-in-law Avery Emerson. This Jedediah Packard Appeared in the 1850 census as residing in Easton, Ma and was determined to have been born about 1786 and thus could not have been the same man as Jedediah Packard who appeared in the 1820 & 1830 census in Easton. He also could not be the same man who served in the war of 1812 since that Jedediah Packard died before 1848 and was survived by his wife Mehitable.

All the above, except some of the birth and death dates and the names of spouses which came from public family trees, originated from the NEHGS research on Shepard Packard. In addition I found the following:  In July 1827 Jedediah Packard sold over three acres to “the organization” for $80.  (according to “Forging Ahead” at ) The “organization” was a partnership formed to build a dam to provide water
power for the Ames Foundry.

It is obvious that we are dealing with two men (at least) named Jedediah Packard.  There is conflicting information about them, particularly when looking at the family trees which people have posted. The question of course is, What is the correct information and are either/any of these the father of Shepard L Packard?

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