Calvin Packard (1762 – ) and Betsey Dunbar – Parents of Shepard L Packard?

Calvin Packard (1762 – ) and Betsey Dunbar

The will of Calvin Packard of Easton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, yeoman, was written 17 May 1816 and recorded 4 November 1823. In this will, he identified his wife, Betsey, as well as daughters Sally Pratt, Betsey Packard, and Loisa (Louisa?] Packard. Calvin Packard also identified one son, Tilson Packard, who was appointed executor of his father’s estate. This will was witnessed by Joshua Britton, Ebenezer Kinsley, and John Serle.

Since Calvin Packard’s will was written at, or just before, the approximate time of Shepard Packard’s birth, this could account for Shepard Packard’s absence from Calvin Packard’s will. However, since his will was not recorded for seven years, it also seems likely that he would have revised his will in the event of the birth of another child. If this Calvin Packard is the same individual who appeared as head of household in Easton in the 1820 U.S. census, though, his household did contain .a male of the correct age to be a match for Shepard Packard. Therefore, we could not definitely eliminate Calvin Packard as a parentage possibility, although he does not seem to be a strong possible match.

In addition to the above information from NEHGS we found several family trees which included all the above family information plus two additional sons … Calvin and Zibeon. Calvin was born in 1799 and died in 1875. He was married to Mary Harris in 1821 and so could not have been the Calvin of the 1820 census mentioned be NEHGS. The latest child of the senior was listed as being born in 1808.  The senior Calvin was married to Betsey Dunbar.  Calvin Sr’s father was Timothy Packard and his mother was Sarah Alden, a direct descendant of John Alden of Mayflower fame. I agree that neither of these two seem a likely match for my 2ng great grandfather’s parent but, … could there have been another Calvin Packard who was listed in the 1820 census?  Who was he? Was he my 3rd great grandfather and who were his parents?

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