Henry Packard and Polly Thacher Kelly

Henry Packard was born 25 Aug 1786 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts
According to several ancestry trees found at Ancestry.com, Henry married Polly Thacher Kelly (O’Kelly) on 22 Mar 1815 in Dartmouth. These trees do not list the children of this marriage nor do they list Henry’s parents.
According to the census of 1820 there was a male under the age of 10 in his household. That male child could have been Shepard L Packard who was born in 1818.

Polly was born in 1796 and died in 1830. The ancestors of Polly Thatcher O’Killey are found on the subject trees and include the surnames; Kelley, O’Kelley, Lombard, Davis, Rogers, Thacher, Crosby, Hedge, Gorham and more.

A will for a Henry Packard was filed in 1877 in Bristol County, Ma. This Henry could be the same as the one of Dartmouth. He was, however, listed as being from Acushnet, Ma. In the 1870 census he is listed with a wife Sarah, possibly a second wife. There are no children identified.

A fact that may or may not be significant is that Shepard L Packard named his second son Henry Shepard Packard.

Does anyone know the names of the children of Henrey and Polly Packard?
Could one of them be Shepard L Packard, born in 1818?

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